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It would be interesting to know if they oppose it due to the risks of gambling, or due to the lack of regulation (or both).

UB Poker dismisses entire roster of sponsored pros

Online Poker Scandals (31. the main perpetrator of the Ultimatebet superuser scandal,. public statement today regarding the allegations that UB player.Ultimate Bet Scandal. just by uttering the words Absolute poker and Ultimate Bet. innocent players online, Ultimate Bet has put into place a security.Gaul: The Post has partnered with 60 Minutes before on stories.I agree with one of the other chatters that you will never eliminate cheating entirely, online or on land.

Russ Hamilton Admits Guilt in Ultimate Bet Cheating

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Learn about this gambling sites start and the cheating scandal that they. History of UltimateBet (UB). founders of the now defunct online poker site Ultimate Bet.As your story points out, the generally honorable players in the online poker community has achieved a victory by catching the cheaters through their vigilance.The congressmen and women we spoke with are either opposed to gambling generally or think Internet gambling poses to new and unacceptable risks -- for example, underage gambling or feeding addictions.Recording surface of Russ Hamilton admitting guilt in Ultimate Bet cheating scandal;. decade-old cheating scandal at defunct online poker site Ultimate Bet.

It comes down to whether those sites adequately police themselves to ban those cheaters.In this instance, someone approached a Post editor with an idea for a story and the editor suggested it might be a good story to collaborate on.So, yes, there has been some serious discussion of the issue, and most recently involving the delayed implementation of UIGEA.It says it is paying more attention now, after the scandal broke.

Editor’s Note: The following post is Part II of our UltimateBet super-user cheating scandal series. To reread Part I, go here. We will continue to update this post.Any sense of whether these two cases were outliers, or the tip of an iceberg.Washington, D.C.: Has the cheating been limited to these two sites, Absolute Poker and UltimateBet.A re-cut version of the UB super user scandal documentary Ultimate Beat will be released. Steve covers nearly every angle of online poker in his job as a full.Most of the offshore sites are set up as limited partnerships that are hard to get behind.

I know from my reporting that at least one of the poker-detectives has or is working on a site to help it improve its security.The move comes after evidence came to light over the weekend that suggest that iovation's CEO, Greg Pierson, helped cover up the UB cheating scandal.His primary focus for OPR is the developing legal and legislative picture for regulated US online poker and gambling.

How a prank call is rewriting the Ultimate Bet Super-User

A 7-2 off-suit can beat pocket aces if the other 5 cards benefit the 7-2 player.We kept hearing that that there were multiple investors in sites such as AP and UB.DonkDown Releases UB Scandal Email More UB Scandal Dirt. by Michael Reed. Bryan Micon, DonkDown Radio, Online Poker, paul leggett, Poker News, Travis Makar.O privire detaliată asupra turneelor de poker online cele mai. Calificările au loc într. (lista conținea în mod obișnuit Full Tilt şi UB înainte.

Russ Hamilton - Pro Poker and Blackjack Player Associated

Besides the EPL scandal, Duke was the face of Ultimate Bet and defended the. Had To Leave Tournament After Questioning Annie Duke Over Epic Poker League Scandal".

Washington, D.C.: Did you make any effort to interview the high-profile poker players that continue to be affiliated with AP and UB like Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.Ultimate Beat: too much to lose is set to be released on June 25th.Washington, D.C.: You referenced in your article a pending bill to study Internet gambling.Gaul: The cheater in the AP scandal was not turned over to authoritires to be prosecuted.In the face of extreme scrutiny from the U.S. government, the parent company behind Absolute Poker and UB have announced the intent to file for bankruptcy.

The super-user scandal on Absolute Poker is the biggest scandal in online poker history. Potripper cheated to win millions of the CEREUS network.With a handful of exceptions for truly incredible handicap savants, a very good poker player is far more dependent on skill, and poker is inherently more of a skill game since you do have a large amount of control of the outcome.

And while it is obviously something that does not universally occur on Internet gambling sites, it a cautionary tale just the same: buyer beware: not everything that glitters is gold, you get the point.

Brunson, Greenstein Talk Full Tilt Poker Scandal

Loc: RIP Sean Taylor Re:. would you guys deem UB as unsafe as AP?. Absolute Poker Scandal: An Inside Job [Re: Tropical_Fish].Tags: Brad Booth, Phil Hellmuth, poker, Poker Brat, Russ Hamilton, UB Poker, UB scandal, UB superuser scandal, Yukon Brad Posted in Online Poker, Poker News.

Scandals from the world of live and online poker seem to pop up on. Poker Scandals (66 Articles). their final decision in the Ultimate Bet superuser.

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In the case of Absolute, their superuser feature was a massive security hole once it was discovered and exploited.Introduction. Ultimate Bet is one of the oldest online poker rooms, having been founded in 2001, and its merger with Absolute Poker in 2008 made UB the third largest.One company may own the brand. another company may own the back office operations.UB.com Poker Shut Down - The facts about the UB Poker government shut down including information about what will happen next and if your money is safe.However, the current grand chief told us the other week that nothing had come of their request.Other poker sites seem to follow the same philosophy, failing to release any significant information about their security measures.

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